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This glossary contains printing terms that may be of interest as well as help to you in completing your next project.



Washup:   Removing inks from a press, washing the rollers and blanket. Some colors require multiple washups to avoid ink &/or chemical contamination.
Waste:   A term for planned spoilage.
Watermark:   A distinctive design created in paper at the time of manufacture that can be easily seen by holding the paper up to a light.
Web:   A roll of printing paper.
Web press:   The name of a type of presses that print from rolls of paper.
Wire O:   Mechanical binding using double loops of wire through a hole. Allows material to lie flat.
With the grain:   Folding or feeding paper into the press or folder parallel to the grain of the paper.
Work and tumble:   Printing one side of a sheet and turning it over from the gripper to the tail to print the second side using the same side guide and plate for the second side.
Work and turn:   Printing one side of a sheet and turning it over from left to right using the same side guides and plate for the second side.
Wove paper:   A paper having a uniform unlined surface with a smooth finish



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